Pregnant and want to eat Pizza?

Pregnant and want to eat Pizza

Admit it – eat home-cooked meals, fresh fruits and vegetables during nine months of pregnancy can be a bit boring. It is natural to crave comfort foods like pizza, hamburger, Chinese and chaat, at least occasionally. What should you do? Give up your carefully cultivated good eating habits? Of course not, go to dinner when your heart desires, but beware of your decisions.

Follow these five rules while visiting a restaurant:

1. Choose a hygienic place: you can not be sure about hygiene practices followed in the cuisine of each restaurant. So to be safe, go to restaurants and restaurants where they have been before and never had to face a problem of indigestion or diarrhea. Due to suppressed immunity, you are likely to get bacterial infections by diseases that can affect the fetus and food-borne health.

2. Be careful with the menu: Carefully read the menu before you order your meal, either lunch or dinner. Here’s how to get started with food:

  • For appetizers: a green salad to start can be boring. “Instead looking paneer tikka, spinach tikki-methi, tacos or couch potato preparation that is rich in protein and healthy,” says Deepshikha Agarwal, sports nutritionist and dietitian, Mumbai. If you are a non-vegetarian they have grilled chicken or a bowl of shredded chicken with lemon sauce. “Avoid preparing fish at a restaurant because it could be high in mercury, especially the fish of the sea,” she says. If you want to keep it light, opt for a soup – mixed vegetables, chicken broth, cream of broccoli or spinach. ‘Stay away from mushrooms and cream soup Manchow. As there are chances that the fungi can not be thoroughly cleaned and the latter could be rich in MSG or monosodium glutamate, which is known to be harmful to the fetus.
  • The big meal: Make sure your main dish has good amount of protein in it and the right combination of carbohydrates and fiber. This will ensure you do not end up consuming too many calories while eating out. For vegetarians – grilled chicken preparation, baked, steamed or boiled is a good choice. While vegetarians can choose paneer, tofu, vegetable curry or beans. To accompany the main dish rich in fiber order options such as whole wheat chapatis or rice. “Try and avoid maida. Tandoori rotis, Makai ka roti, roti kulcha and jowar are the healthiest options. Also, stay away from vegetables that are not in season, it’s likely to be rich in preservatives,” says Deepshika. If you want to order Chinese However, remember to ask the chef to Avoid mens say these seven foods during pregnancy.
  • Small orders: for side orders keep it simple. Having a preparation of baked potatoes, mixed vegetables, shredded chicken steamed dal dal makhni or takdka that is easily digested. “Do not forget to order a bowl of raita, would help digestion and reduce the chances of heartburn after eating,” says Deepshikha.
    Something to drink: choose fresh fruit juices, coconut water, aam panna whey or more soft drinks and canned juices. Here are eight drinks should never drink during pregnancy.
  • Eat fast: for your pizzas or burgers or opt for comprehensive and integrated quiet and cheese breads. Too much cheese means too many calories and unnecessary fat. As for their sandwiches. ¿Love fried snacks to nibble? Opt for baked versions. Look at samosas and farsan oven. They Paani puri and chaat stalls that are hygienic where people wear gloves while preparing and serving.

3. Learn the art of portion control: this is easier said than done. So ask for plates and bowls to limit the amount of food you eat medium sized. Try and avoid repeat when you feel full. If you want to eat in a joint without thinking about calories and watch your diet for the day.

4. Avoid raw or partially cooked foods: Pregnancy is not the right time to have certain foods, no matter how much you want. So stay away from raw or undercooked foods like sushi, oysters, clams or partially cooked eggs. These foods can cause bacterial, viral or parasitic infections that can be harmful to the fetus.

5. Go for the desserts: a final sweet makes a complete full meal. But if you can give the chocolate mousse would be great. ‘Chocolate can lead to acidity and heartburn during the later stages of pregnancy. Instead go for a caramel custard, mango pudding or rasmalai, which is based in milk, “says Deepshikha. Kulfi and gulab jamums are also less sinner ice cream hot chocolate brownie.

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