Can laser treatment help treat stretch marks after pregnancy?

Laser Physical Therapy

Many women worry about stretch marks that remain in your belly, thighs and arms, long after delivery. Often these ugly marks refuse to budge despite several attempts with other home remedies tried-and-tested or beauty creams. However, opting for laser treatments to get rid of stretch marks is a new trend these days among Indian women, reported Dr. Mohan Thomas, surgeon breach Candy Hospital, Mumbai.

How it works
Lasers work by generating a concentrated and intense pulsed light penetrating the affected skin, controlled and strategically directed flow area. Among the different types of laser therapies available today, a laser ablative helps vaporize and remove deep wrinkles and scars on the surface of the skin. This therapy works in deeper skin tissue, reorganizing and stimulating the production of collagen and elastin fibers, thereby reducing the effect of stretch marks. Here are six ways to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.

To date, a laser treatment for stretch marks to women who wanted to go for breast implants offered. As post-implant, the delicate breast tissue can stretch and damage it. A laser is used to treat scars under the breast and restore elasticity. However, when it comes to dealing with stretch marks after childbirth, there is a limitation to it. The laser must address the deeper layers in the belly that have been stretched, damaged and lost its strength and elasticity, which is not always feasible.

A laser treatment is effective in treating stretch marks depending on the depth of damage to internal tissues. Some women may get rid of them with laser treatment while others who have lost the elasticity of the tissues beyond repair – a laser treatment may not be effective.

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